Hello there

000 My name is Riccardo Busetti, I'm a student & software developer based in Italy. 🇮🇹
001 I have a lot of passions like programming, design, motion & cycling. 🚵
010 I love challenges because they let you grow in every aspect. ❤️
011 My mission is about solving real life problems with technology and creativity. 🖥
100 As a perfectionist I care about every detail, from code to design. 👁
101 I have experience with Java, C#, Kotlin, C, HTML, CSS, JS. ⌨️
110 I worked with frameworks like Android, ReactJS & Spring. 🖱
111 If you want, check out some of my Android apps. 📱

Programming It's about making a problem really abstract, and so abstract that the user doesn't even see the technical aspect of it.