Riccardo Busetti

Student and Android Developer

I am a student, android developer, design enthusiast and full time geek

I am 16 years old guy from Italy. I love technology, programming, design, motion and films.

My main passion is about solving problems, infact I love when somebody challenges me. For example all my apps were a challange that's the main reason behind them.

You probaly know me because of Colombo Browser, that is the most popular app I made.

Since when I started android development I made a lot of different apps with the latest technologies. I have experience with SQLite Databases, Parsing, WebView, Asynctasks and other frameworks of the android platform.

As now I know Java, XML, HTML well. I worked with C, C#, JS. I am a lot interested into learning Swift and Kotlin.

Programming It's about making a problem really abstract, and so abstract that the user doesn't even see the technical aspect of it.

Work experience

In this year I also worked for some companies, from blogs to big companies in Italy (with some internships).

Every work I got I was super excited. I learned a lot of things from this experiences and I have improved my skills in group work.

My projects

I made a lot of android apps, sadly some of them are not published or not finished. I don't make only android apps, but I made some websites and small webapps.

Some of my apps were featured on some famous websites and they got a big amount of great reviews.

If you want to see all my apps go here!

Connect with me

I am here to help you find a solution for a problem. I am avaliable for android apps development and UI/UX design of them.

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